September 15, 2014

A Cupcake Update!

You guessed it...

I quit my job. On Friday I left my letter of resignation and I'm moving on! That's honestly a breath of supa' fresh air!

I will be working from home again and I am thrilled! I will have more time to blog, more time to focus on school, more time to make my house pretty... yes, these are important things to me. It's eight weeks of training which is going to be such a nice break from working sun-up to sun-down.

I have started my LAST fall semester at my university! I will be graduating with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Criminal Justice in June. I have five classes standing between my degree and I. I could not be happier knowing it is almost all over!

I have become more absent on my Facebook. I've learned the stuff I read on there is mainly junk. I check in once a day to check any notifications but I just prefer different means of social media. You can still find me on my Cupcake Blondie Facebook page but as far as my personal page, you won't see me too much.

Follow me on tumblr! I'm mainly posting there all day long.

In beauty news, I've started my Halloween tutorials! They are coming, I assure you. This is my favorite time of year! Any requests can be sent to me through any means of social media. Let me know what YOU want to see so I can get it out there well before the holiday. Until then, I'll see you all soon with the first spooky tutorial of the haunting season!

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