October 21, 2013

Current Favorites as of October 2013

LIP PRODUCT: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Tokyo"
MASCARA: Jordana Best Lash Extreme & Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes
CONCEALER: NYX Full Coverage Concealer in "Light"
SHADOW: NYX Roll-on Shimmer in "Nude"
LINER: NYX Retractable Eye Liner in "Deep Blue"
BLUSH: Physician's Formula Sexy Booster in "Rose"
BRONZER: It's fall! I'm not using bronzer!
HIGHLIGHT: Urban Decay Naked Illuminated
NAIL POLISH: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in 340 "Cinna-snap"
HAIR PRODUCT: No new products for this month!
ET CETERA: NYX Wonder Pencil in "Light"

Let's start with that amazing NYX soft matte lip cream in "Tokyo." Holy goodness... this lip color is amazing! It has a soft texture and no harsh scent/taste! It glides on and I do know a lot of people like to layer it a few times for a solid bolder look and I think one or two coats paired with a gloss on top is perfect! I just started trying NYX over the last month as it just came into my local Target and I am so impressed with the quality and affordability! In stores I feel NYX can definitely be a little pricey, but you can snag awesome deals on Ulta's website (lots of buy one get one 50% off deals) and also discount cosmetic websites such as www.beautyjoint.com (a site I most definitely trust). This lip cream is a beautiful pinky color with a hint of coral and lasts a great amount of time! It doesn't slide so you won't find it feathering around your mouth during the day. Touch-ups can be necessary of you are eating/drinking/etc. but for the most part it lasts on me for a few hours. I loved it so much I bought 3 more colors! You can find most of these lip creams for around $4 US online.

If you watch Lauren Curtis on YouTube you will hear over and over again how much she loves her Jordana Best Lash mascara and I have now realized why! My Walgreens now carries Jordana and I absolutely had to get my hands on this! It is amazing! With only one coat it gives length and definition. Keep it going and you'll for sure see the volume begin to work its magic. I found on myself it does get clumpy and thick if you exceed three coats, but usually I like a subtle two personally with any mascara. At a nice price of under $5 US this is definitely a steal! Another favorite mascara of mine is the good old Maybelline Great Lash line! This time it's the Lots of Lashes applicator! Featuring a tin little lower lashline brush, this plastic applicator applies the perfect amount of product for a light touch of drama. I use it mainly for my lower lashes but will use the precision brush to de-clump my top lashes if needed. Always affordable, this mascara is a MUST for any girl out there who is a fan of Maybelline and is looking for a great precise brush.

Though I don't use foundation nor concealer often, I do sometimes want to mask the veins under my eyes (I have translucent skin all over my body especially under my eyes, on my wrists and forearms, my ankles and feet, and my legs). Anyways Kelly, let's get back on track here, I love this concealer! It is a full coverage concealer and it comes in this perfect little pot. It comes in a great variety of colors, too! Don't you hate when you are so limited to these things and some companies thing we come in 3 shades of skin? Yeah let's get real guys. We're all so different and beautiful and 3 shades just aren't going to cater to every woman out there! Downfall of having it in the cute little pot is that if you have longer nails like myself you may end up taking a nice chunk out - I have not yet, but I'm giving it time. It's very creamy and acts as well as a foundation. It blends very easily and I find I like using m fingers best as it glides on better with the warmth of my hand than a brush. You'll also keep that little pot neater by precisely using your fingertip than a clunky brush. As with most liquid/cream products, it is best to set it with a powder to prevent creasing and make it last longer. I use my e.l.f. translucent matifying powder for mine! If you're looking for a light weight concealer that offers full coverage, definitely try this one out! I found mine at Target for $4.99 US.

My daily routine when I'm going out into the wild (a.k.a. public) always includes a shadow! I don't care if I just slap on one color, it's better on m face than going naked! One of my favorite palettes is the Urban Decay Ammo palette which has this beautiful color called "sin" in it. When I find a comparable color to "sin" I grab it! I am so nervous I will use up that shadow and be left with no dupe. Luckily I discovered - again at my local Target - a NYX roll-on shimmer in the same tone! The shimmer is in the color "nude" and it is stunning! This is not something you're going to want if you aren't a shimmery kind of girl as this is glitzy. There are not chunks of glitter in this one, don't be confused, but a nice light glimmer to reflect light off of. It is a perfect champagne nude color and is versatile enough to wear all over the lid or in the inner corner for a pop of light. I love this shadow and I use it with all of my neutral looks either in the inner corner or center to add in a little reflection to make my eyes look bigger. I cannot even thank Target enough for bringing in NYX so I don't have to order online. Now it's not a plethora of supply like Ulta but it has just enough essentials to make a trip out there worth it. I snagged mine for $4 US & a little goes a LONG way! (It shows off as coppery in the swatch photo below but it is NOT like that when applied on your lid and buffed out properly.)

The eye liner I am obsessing over this fall is the "Deep Blue" NYX retractable liner! I picked mine up at my Ulta for $4.50 US but I did a second liner for half off. When you think of fall usually oranges, reds, burgundys, browns all come to mind. You can even throw in some metallics as well. This navy is AMAZING this fall! I paired this with a neutral brown eye and it added such a POP of color! Because it's a deep navy and not a royal blue it is perfect for this season. This liner lasts forever! Which isn't really a bad thing. If you're looking for all day wear without it smudging, definitely try their retractable liners! I removed the swatches from my hand within 2 minutes and it still left a nice shadow of where it was. I did test removing it with both makeup remover wipes and a facial wash and it did leave a faint shadow but nothing that interfered the next day with my makeup. It is a creamy formula, no rubbing to apply, it glides on easy. It is retractable so no sharpening! That's always a bonus! I tried the few other colors they had available at my Ulta and loved them! Check these out when you get a chance - they're always having BOGO 1/2 off sales on NYX at Ulta so pick some up with that sale!

This blush doesn't only smell amazing it has the prettiest light color to add the perfect natural blush to your cheeks! The Physician's Formula Sexy Booster in "Rose" is my go-to blush all year round! It has an amazing color that is buildable, but leaves you with a natural flush. It is infused with pheromones (most of their products are) and has this light vanilla scent. Every time I wear it my fiance does in fact comment on how good I smell, so I guess it's working! It's a little pricier at about $12 US but it is in fact worth it! The packaging comes with the blush under one door and the back has an included mini blush brush and mirror. The brush also isn't bad for an in-package applicator. I was able to pick mine up in full size from a freebie website last winter and I am still going strong! This blush is worth the price and the quality is fantastic! (Also comes in "Natural" color.)

Let me begin with the fact this is my first ever real "splurge" on a makeup item. I usually always get my palette's BOGO or 50% off or with free shipping, my smaller items like lip products and eye products are usually BOGO half off online or at my drugstores, and so this is my first ever real splurge at $29 US at Ulta. I fell in love the second I saw the tester. It is the highlight from Urban Decay Naked called Illuminated. It is this domed powder in a suede flip top package that has shimmer galore! It even comes with a more than adequate brush in the bottom flip top of the packaging. This stuff glows! It is glittery and it's awesome blowing off the powder from the package before shutting it because it lets these tin little glitter fibers fly around. It's BEAUTIFUL! If you want an amazing glow to your body (yes this is advertised as an all over body shimmer) then pick this one up! You will NOT regret it, I promise!

I try my best to only buy the Sally Hansen "Insta-Dry" nail polishes because they really are instantly dry! They dry in under 5 minutes and they have such a wide variety of shades! They come in glitters, shimmers, metallics, opaques - you name it! And they are affordable for drugstore nail polish at only $4 US a pop at drugstores.

The NYX Wonder Pencil is my absolutely favorite nude liner now! I heard so much talk about it and I finally picked it up at Target with my other NYX items and I can't get enough of it. I use it for my waterline to brighten my eyes and make them look rested. This is a versatile product in that it acts as an eye liner, lip liner, concealer, and brightener. Hell, you could use it as a shadow base, too! This is a fantastic pick up for any makeup collection! It comes in under $5 US at most retailers.

1. Urban Decay Naked Illuminated - 2. Physician's Formula Sexy Booster in "Rose" -
3. NYX Roll-on Shimmer in "Nude" - 4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Tokyo" -
5. NYX Full Coverage Concealer - 6. NYX Wonder Pencil in "Light" -
7. NYX Retractable Eye Liner in "Deep Blue"

Thank you so much for reading! Please let me know you favorite products and if any of mine are on your list! What are you wanting to try out soon? :) Until next time...

xo K

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