October 24, 2013

Halloween: the Joker Makeup

Why so serious? It's Halloween after all! I have been up all morning playing with techniques to create awesome characters for Halloween. Yes, yes - it's already October 24 but who cares?! Follow my steps to achieve this classic joker look. Comment below with your photos or Instagram your looks with the hashtag #tcbjoker so I can see your creations!

Start with your fresh face!

1. Use any jumbo pencil in white or a face paint to make your complexion pale. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.
2. Draw on yourself! This is the fun part.
3. Blend using your fingers - using a sponge or brush will actually remove some of the product which isn't what we want here.
4. Once you're all primed and ready to go, we'll set the white creamy base with a translucent or white powder.

5. I am using my e.l.f. High Definition Powder to set my white complexion.
6. I'm using a Real Techniques buffing brush to dab the powder all over. Do NOT, and I mean do NOT, buff the powder into your face! You will remove a good amount of that white base and then will have to start all over again! Just pat it on with a light hand - we're just trying to seal that cream base from creasing.

7. Using the Sedona Lace 88 Matte palette I chose the Kelly Green color for my brows. I used a small angled brush to paint them on.
8. For a smoother application, you can use a little bit of water, dab your brush in it, wipe off some of the water and then use your shadows for a creamier application and a brighter intensity. Now make silly faces!
9. Use a medium purple color to apply and blend into your crease making sure to go almost to your brow bone but not all the way up.
10. You can use shadow shields but because my face is white I didn't want to mess up the base so I chose a straight line to make my cat eye on the corners.

11. I'm no using a darker purple to place in the crease on top of the medium purple. You don't want this to go high - concentrate it in the crease only.
12. Again using the brush handle as a straight edge.
* I didn't take a photo since it's easy, but you want to apply a black shadow to your lid and ONLY your lid. Wing it out a little on the ends for a cat eye look. *
13. Use your white pencil to apply a 'streak' under your eye. This is going to make the next color really stand out.
14. Blend it, but do not blend that white intensity away too much. You want this next color to really be vibrant!

15. Use a bright line/chartreuse for the under eye area.
16. I used a short shadow brush to apply the color to avoid fallout.
17. Ta-da! Classic Joker colors!
18. Use a black liner to line your waterline and top lid.
19. I used my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean to line my waterline and I only applied a wing to the outer corner of my eye to complete that cat eye look.

20. I used Wet n Wild's Red Velvet red lipstick and a lip brush to precisely apply the lips. I dragged the color with a light hand out of the corners of my mouth for that ripped look.
21. I also used a little black shadow to line the lips and deepen the red in the center.
22. Finally, apply a light coat of mascara (just to feminize the look) and voila! You are now the Joker!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I give credit where credit is due and I couldn't have done this look without the help of MadeULook by Lex. She's got some AMAZING tutorials and she's a pro!!! I simply recreated her masterpiece! Check her out: YouTube & BlogUntil next time...

xo K