October 22, 2013

Review: e.l.f. 32 Piece Warm Eyeshadow Set

Welcome back! I've got another palette review for you ladies (& gents)! This is the e.lf. 32 piece warm eyeshadow set and I picked it up at TJMaxx for only $6! Most of the time you can find e.l.f. products at Target, Big Lots, TJMaxx, various dollar stores, and a few other local retailers in your area. There's always a sale going on at the Eyes.Lips.Face. website - right now they have 50% off brushes with code: FALLSWEEP until October 28! Check those out! I would definitely recommend some of the brushes to pick up from e.l.f. that work just a great as other high end brands. But we're not here for brushes, let's get to this palette!

I initially bought this one for the third row which has a lot of plum-y purple metallic colors which I love in fall and transitioning into winter. Third row, sixth form the left was the one color I actually was attracted to (and I did swatch it below). As with some e.l.f. products this is a hit and a miss all in one. I decided to swatch metallics, then lighter matte colors, and finally some darker matte colors offered in this palette. I love the metallics! Such a smooth, rich application and the color payoff is right on the money! The mattes are hit or miss though... I had an issue with the neutral flesh colored tones as well as the matte black. But the deeper browns were very pigmented and worked perfectly.

For $6 this is a great little palette to have in your collection! The color choices are amazing! They have every color you really could dream up in a warm toned palette. Quality, out of a 10 star rating I'd give it about a 6 since the metallics and dark mattes are really what shine in this set. It retails at $12 US and is no longer available form their website. But check out the aforementioned retailers and you may find it! I also saw some amazing NYX sets at my TJMaxx yesterday so get to your nearest one now to see if you got a shipment like mine did!!!

As always, thank you so much for your support! I love you all and I look forward to reviewing more products. (It's my guilty pleasure.) ;) Until next time...

xo K