October 30, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lipsticks

Some of my favorite lipsticks are from Wet n Wild and these are the Mega Last Matte Lipsticks. Not only are they super affordable, but they give a great color payoff and are perfect dupes for some high-end lipsticks. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect nude and berry/wine color for my collection and I think I'll be satisfied with what I own. There's also one more shade that's impossible to find in stores around me that I'm on the look for because I'm just too lazy to get it online. ;)

I have seven shades in my collection and all were purchased from my Walgreens and Walmart. These lipsticks average at $1.99 US in most retailed but I have seen them for $2.49 US occasionally. I wouldn't pay more than $2.49 US for these anywhere because they are available for less in other places.

As far as quality, these lipsticks are amazing with their color payoff and opacity. Length of wear, it's maybe a 6 out of 10. I find myself touching up a lot after a few hours even if I haven't eaten. They just seem to wear off easily with normal activities - but at under $3 I'm not expecting long-lasting power! The name is Mega Last though... hm. I love these lipsticks for beginners to have in their collection to really start to try colors. These lipsticks come in a large array of colors between nudes, pinks, and reds so these are perfect for trying out bold shades or more tame nudes to see what fits you best! Now, these do stain your lips a bit so I'd be careful with the darker colors especially the reds. These look great on their own or with a gloss on top so play it up and let me see your creations!

The packaging isn't the best. The outer casing is a thicker plastic but it's cheap and the inside isn't the best quality to hold the product. There's a chance if you have the lipstick retracted too high you may break it from the base (as with all lipsticks) but specifically these very easily. There have been times the lids have popped off in my handbag and I've luckily caught it in time before a big mess happened!!! But these are definitely not best for portability unless they're in a contained makeup bag - just lookin' out for you ladies! ;)

From top to bottom: 903C Just Peachy, 901B Think Pink, 967 Dollhouse Pink, 905D Smokin' Hot Pink, 966 Don't Blink Pink, 970 Purty Persimmon, 910D Red Velvet.

List of MAC Dupes:
903C Just Peachy - MAC Costa Chic
905D Smokin' Hot Pink - MAC Moxie
908C Sugar Plum Fairy - MAC Rebel
911D Spotlight Red - MAC Ruby Woo
910D Red Velvet - MAC Russian Red
970 Purty Persimmon - MAC Sail la Vie
967 Dollhouse Pink - MAC St. Germain & Mac Pink Nouveau
968 Pinkerbell - MAC Viva Glam Nikki
901B Think Pink - MAC Creme Cup
966 Don't Blink Pink - MAC Candy Yum Yum

Thank you, FatandFierce for your list! So much easier than digging through my old files to find my list of dupes. ;D She also shows you these colors on darker complexions so check out her video! You can find these at your local drugstores, Walmarts and Targets, and online! Shop all available colors on Beauty Joint!

Thank you all for reading! I appreciate your time here with me! Leave me a comment about your favorite shades if you own any of these! Until next time...

xo K