October 22, 2013

Jumbo Pencils: How-To & Review

The wonderful world of jumbo eye pencils! Nearly every brand of makeup now supplies some sort of jumbo eye pencil. The greatest thing about them is their versatility! They can be liners, cream shadows, or bases. Hell, some of the pinker shades could even be used for cream blushes! So though some brands will charge you a steep price for these little babies, they do serve multiple functions and make it easier on your wallet in the long run and easier on storage space!

The jumbo pencils photographed above are what make up my collection (for now)! As you can see, I do love my NYX jumbo eye pencils. I have black bean: a classic dark black, milk: the famous white base for ideal bright color looks, cashmere: a shimmery champagne/tan color, french fries: the perfect bronze, and rust: my favorite burgundy base. I did swatch all of the pencils below if you're interested in their colors. I use the NYX eye pencils as bases for my shadows, milk being my most used (it's the first one I've had to sharpen). These used as bases allow your shadow to really stand out. Try it! Take a base and apply it to your hand as a swatch and apply a shadow with a coordinating jumbo pencil to the base versus your skin by itself - you'll totally see the difference in vibrancy! With a $4.50 US price tag, these are truly worth the money! Check them out from the NYX website yourself! And another great point... they come in TONS of colors!

These rock as cream shadows by themselves as well. Take the essence 'stay no matter what' pencils on the left. I had just wanted to try essence out so I grabbed Gorgeous Grey and Cute Copper because in the store they applied so creamy, so pigmented, and seemed to last after I tried to rub with off with a tissue. (Check out the smudged swatch photo at the end! These are tough troopers!) I really, really like these and though there are only a few colors available, I plan on picking them all up! All essence products are extremely affordable - these average $2.99 US! Visit the essence website to find where to buy in stores! The brand is sold online at Ulta as well.

 From top to bottom: essence Cute Copper, essence Gorgeous Grey, e.l.f. Little Miss Thing, NYX Black Bean/Milk/Cashmere/French Fries/Rust.

As for the e.l.f. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick it does have a beautiful color and it's retractable so that's a big plus! But for quality, it's kind of sub par. It's a great base for my favorite coordinating shadow from Urban Decay, but other than acting as a base this pencil falls short of greatness. It's a steal at only $2 US, it certainly acts a $2 product. I wouldn't recommend this and I probably won't be buying any more in the future. You can check out the other colors available at the Eyes Lips Face website if you're interested! There are about six neutrals available as well as a black, plum, navy, and green.

The above photo is when I took a standard makeup remove wipe and rubbed down once to see how well the staying power of the eye pencils were. As you can see, essence blew them all out of the water! The 'stay no matter what' motto is 100% honest! The e.l.f. shadow stick disappeared as did the NYX Milk and Cashmere. Though the darker NYX shades took a little more effort to remove.

Thanks for stopping by! Have you tried any of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils or the essence and e.l.f. ones? Have you tried any other brands worthy of mentioning? Comment below and tell me about your experiences with them and how you like to use them! Until next time...

xo K