January 2, 2014

10 Under $10: Mascaras

On this 'episode' of 10 Under $10... MASCARAS! Every girl needs their signature mascara to plump their lashes for an everyday look or those dramatic date nights! Check out my list of 10 drugstore mascaras that won't break the bank but deliver amazing results!

Products are listed in NO SPECIFIC ORDER! I hope you enjoy!
* All photos gathered from their respective websites, credit to the companies. *
10. Maybelline Great Lash
$5.99 various drugstores

It's no surprise the world's biggest selling mascara would be on this list! That's right... this mascara has sold more tubes than any other one on the market! It's a fabulous price for any makeup user and now it's sold in many different styles! You can never go wrong with the classic original Great Lash or try out their new brushes like Lots of Lashes, Great Lash BIG, or even the limited edition colors! I will always repurchase this mascara as it's the perfect everyday formula.

$2.99 Walgreens

I am in love with this mascara! +Lauren Curtis turned me onto this one after mentioning it in nearly every tutorial I saw of hers! And thank goodness my Walgreens FINALLY starting carrying Jordana! I picked mine up for about $3 and I've never gone back! I would dub it one of my all time favorites as well. Super voluminous and NOT clumpy! Pick this up - even if it isn't your goto formula, you will be reaching for it when you want crazy drama to your eyes!

$7.50 various drugstores

Okay, it's no surprise I watch the gorgeous gurus on YouTube and started this blog because of them, so when I say +Nicole Guerriero you probably know this product through her. I just recently purchased this mascara for the first time and it is right there next to the Jordana for me. I love the results of this mascara! It does exactly what it says and this is the most recent one I've been using daily. Crazy awesome mascara!

$6.50 various drugstores

I could just tag people all day really. Leave it to +eleventh gorgeous to suggest some awesome drugstore products! Just check this mascara out online and you will see rants and raves about how amazing it coats lashes and literally crushes those clumps! It's affordable and offers a perfect formula for daily use.

$7.99 various drugstores

Rimmel delivers an amazing mascara that offers a built-in growth serum! Right now I'm actually using the clear growth serum from Rimmel and it's been about two weeks and I do see thickness at the base and length on the corners of my eyes. I've also used the clear serum on my brows for a section I plucked a little too much from and it's growing back! So my personal use with the serum is that is does work! So being built into a mascara, you've got the total package! Yes, $8 for a mascara can be a bit pricier for a drugstore mascara but when you also get the growth complex you've got a winner!

$5.99 various drugstores

Revlon's Fabulash not only gives great volume but also separates each lash for a bold pop on your eye. Great price, great color payoff, and great results! The brush is something I probably would change because it looks a bit 'weak' if you understand what I'm getting at (look at photo), but it works! Because it's smaller, you are able to get into the inner corner lashes and the bottom ones with ease.

$6.99 various drugstore

Collagen, keratin, big plumped lashes - promises right from the website! Rimmel's Scandaleyes Mascara gives you the intense volume for any dramatic look. You can plump your lashes to nearly three times their natural size! I think Rimmel gets overlooked a lot in the drugstores and it truly is a gem, especially this super voluminous mascara!

$6.99 various drugstores

Maybelline steals the show with ALL of their mascaras and their "Falsies" collection doesn't flake out. This mascara is super popular, as it should be. It lifts lashes from the base and defines while plumping up each lash. I have bought this mascara myself at least four times over due to just how feathered and big it makes my lashes appear! Definitely one I keep on hand.

$7.99 various drugstores

And another Covergirl show stopper: the classic Lash Blast Volume! Normally I'm not a fan of plastic applicator brushes but these short "teeth" define and separate each lash while applying the formula. Covergirl knocks it outta the park with mascaras between the results and their affordability. Just read the reviews of women who use this tube - it not only adds volume but it lengthens, defines, and darkens! Try it for yourself!

$8.99 various drugstores

Lastly, I have a big hit here in the Blogosphere! The L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes is claimed to literally be one of the best mascaras people have ever used. I have seen this in countless videos, reviews, blogs all over this cosmetic world and it is very much worth it's higher price. Another collagen infused formula that is buildable without clumps. It defines each lash as well as provides the extreme volume we all look for!

If your goto mascara wasn't on this list, share it! I'd love to read about other drugstore/under $10 mascaras that stop traffic!

Happy New Year!  Enjoy the day!

xo K