January 9, 2014

What I Got for Christmas!

I know, it's already the second week of January and I am just now getting to this! Today I'm going to share with you what I got for Christmas! I had a whole lot of other things that were just super random I didn't feel needed to be included. Thanks for reading!

Something I was so interested in adding to my collection was the Vice 2 palette from Urban Decay! This certainly isn't an everyday palette for everyone - it's more for the bold! But I loved the shades and I have fallen in love with UD so I wanted to have this puppy in my collection for some awesome shimmer looks later!

It might be simple, but I love makeup wipes and they can be pricey when you use them as often as I do. So the fact my mom and sister thought to grab me some of these, it was very nice of them! And honestly, I am super impressed with the power of these! They aren't sopping wet like some wipes but they do the job and are super soft on my skin! I recommend these to anyone needing some remover wipes and don't want to break the bank.

I had this cleanser on my list and was super excited when I opened it from my sister! I didn't even know they made it in a foaming pump version so that was extra cool! After using it for a few weeks I have to say... I'm going to be doing a blog post on my reaction to it. STAY TUNED for a Try-It-Out Tuesday with this cleanser! A lot of gurus on YouTube use the Purity cleanser so I absolutely wanted to try it!

Yes, yes I have it! Naked 3! I have been trying to play around with color combos and certain looks with this palette and I have to say I am favoriting a different one over this one. And I'm favoriting a CHEAPER palette with MORE shades! Keep reading... ;)

It's always nice to get nail varnish as gifts as I tend to neglect this department! These awesome shades were gifted to me from my sister and the glitter is by far my favorite! I am super excited to try out the highlighter yellow once spring comes up!

I. Love. ELF products! If you've been around here a bit you'll certainly know ELF is one of my favorite cheap brands that packs a powerful punch with amazing products! ELF always blows my mind when trying new things and their liquid eyeliners have been favorites of mine for quite some time. The bets thing is that not only did I get a black liquid liner in this pack, I got a midnight blue one too! I was lacking a liquid navy liner so I was super happy! The pencil is pretty sub-par but what do you expect out of that price range for products? I always go into ELF with an open mind not expecting much but 9 times out of 10 am blown away!

No, they're not name brand Beauty Blenders, but they are amazing! I once bought a pink blender (shaped like this blue one) and used it dry for a month until the lightbulb went off and I realized why it wasn't applying my concealer at all like the girls online. Hello Kelly... get it wet! I have been using the green one in this photo for two weeks now and it gives me such amazing coverage and a dewy look. Love love love these! I would definitely recommend testing out a cheaper drugstore blender before shelling out the big bucks on a name brand Beauty Blender to see if you like the application and feel of a sponge versus your fingers or a brush. :)

This thing is pretty awesome! I have only gotten a chance to use it on my sister's thicker short hair and it did the job! This is a ceramic blow drying brush for your damp hair. You're to let your hair air dry or blow dry to almost dry before using this little guy. Then when it's just damp, you want to blow dry with this brush and the ceramic plates heat up from the air and straighten your hair! I naturally have pretty straight hair, especially compared to m sister's, so I haven't picked it up yet for myself. Bonnie and I tested it on her newly short bob and it really did straighten it! Now, don't expect the silky soft results of a straightener but it tamed her curls/frizz and cut down on straightening time!!! It was good enough (in my opinion) to even leave it as is since it really did straighten her curls out. This was from TJMaxx or Ross and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with curly/frizzy hair to cut down on the time you spend getting it poker straight!

This was a perfect little palette my mom got me from ELF that surprisingly has amazing pigmentation! This little guy was super affordable and came with applicators and a pencil liner! The shadows are by far the most impressive ELF shadows I've had a chance to try. I will swatch them in a blog later for you to see just how they compare to higher end brands! If you can find this little black book in a retailer near you that sells ELF, PICK IT UP! Gorgeous shades, quality color payoff, amazing price!

I've been wanting a wand to try out for a few months now so when I saw this one under the tree I got excited. After using it about 4 times now I think I'm going to rate this particular one a 6 out of 10. I love the waves it gives my hair (very cocker spaniel but I like it). It's a new style compared to my traditional barrel curler... but the heat. The glove is NOT heat resistant as it claims. I'm not expecting heat PROOF, no. I am expecting what is advertised - RESISTANT and I cannot touch the barrel without burning myself! The blue handle also gets scorching hot from where the barrel and handle meet down about an inch and half, right below the on/off switch. So I have to hold it lower on the handle without burning myself as well. Overall, this thing is DANGEROUS in my opinion... but I am giving it some time to try to master it. I have no doubt higher end brands are fabulous and safer, but this one from Lux Beauty isn't going to be something I reach for constantly I assume. Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind.

This was #1 on my list! I told my family and fiance if I don't get anything else this year I want this palette! This is my 100% favorite palette of all time! I now have a favorite higher end brand of makeup and Lorac takes the cake! I will go into detail more about these shadows in a later post, but know that if you have thought about a neutral/sultry palette before, spend the $ and grab this one! It's only $42 and it gives you 16 shades! Way more for your money than the Naked palettes! Buy it, buy it, buy it! Don't think about it - buy it!

No girl will ever turn down bath luxuries! My mom opened up her big bar of soap first so once I got to mine I knew what it was! These are always great gifts you can find at TJMaxx and discount stores and they are a favorite of mine! My sister was kind enough to get me a tote with all of these bath products in it! And when I opened a gift form my mom, it was the same tote but larger with a big fluffy towel and other bath products in it! I am a bath LOVER and you can always find me soaking in the tub reading a book or catching up on social networking.

Thank you so much to my family for getting me MORE than I ever expected this Christmas! You are amazing and I love you all. <3 xo