January 14, 2014

Try-It-Out Tuesdays: Almay Shadow Softies

Welcome back to another Try-It-Out Tuesday! Thanks for being here with me! Today's we're reviewing the Almay Shadow Softies that may be catching your eye when you walk into your drugstore!

These shadows average between $4.50 and $5 a piece in my local drugstores and I was able to pick them all up for FREE. Yes, FREE! Couponing for beauty products truly is a blessing when you're running a blog! ;) Let's just say with manufacturer coupons, BOGO sales, and store coupons I was able to MAKE MONEY off buying these shadows and used that extra overage to buy other cosmetics. If you want to know more about couponing for cosmetics I'll be happy to start another series with tips and deals when I find them!

Now onto the products, shall we? These Almay shadows look so interesting when you see them on a shelf and the best thing is that every store I've been in had a display that incorporated a sample tester you could actually feel! Upon first touch these shadows are super soft, similar to a whipped cream formula (hence the "softies" name). I personally think they come in an amazing array of color choices for all styles as well! I wanted to snag these the second I saw them but price wise I wasn't sure a single shadow was worth nearly five bucks.

This is why I was so happy to find out I could make money off them at my Walgreens! So I was able to pick up 8 colors (my sister chose one she loved) and they're pretty average quality.

Recently I watched a video from a while back from Miss +emilynoel83 on Beauty Broadcast Express about these and she wasn't thrilled with them. And when I swatched them originally I wasn't too impressed either. But in this photo you can see the colors are super pigmented! Well, I don't know why they look so great here because once they're on your eye (primer or no primer) most of them are NOT this bright!

I went ahead and swatched the colors I have on my lids sans primer to get the true color by itself straight on the skin. I used my finger to apply as I've noticed since they are a whipped/soft texture brushes just DON'T work! I describe the outcome below in order from top swatch down.

  • Midnight Sky - this is a deep sparkly navy with total pigmentation! More than likely I'd use this on the outer V or crease. I dub this the best of them all (in my collection).
  • Moss - olive green is a shade I absolutely love on my brown eyes and this moss color hits the spot! It is amazingly pigmented and can be built up to be a strong mossy green or lightly for a softer look. If you like olive, this is a good one to purchase!
  • Petal - a very, very subtle pink. This is nothing like what it looks like in the pan. But, I did a look recently with this pink and I used a powder shadow on top of it and it looked amazing! You can definitely build this one up and use it as a base for a pinker look.
  • Peach Fuzz - this is the orange shade in the pan but is very flesh-toned on the skin. It takes a lot to come off as "orange" as it looks in the pan but it is possible... with a LOT of work! This is one I probably wouldn't recommend wasting your time on since it's pretty weak.
  • Seafoam - this is the super light blue color and it's very subtle at first. I was able to build it up to a brighter blue and really like it for a sky blue look. Not disappointed at all.
  • Cashmere - in the pan it looks like a beautiful buttery yellow but on the skin it's more of a cream color. Very nice for a highlight but not great for an all over the lid look.
  • Lilac - a beautiful dusty purple shade, very nice for a subtle purple look. I know a lot of purples on the market can be overwhelming and super bright but this is the perfect pastel violet for a soft look.

There you have it! Overall, if you can get these for a discounted price or on sale, a few are worth picking up. I am impressed with the texture of how creamy they are to begin and the transformation to a more powdery feel. I feel Almay is trying to step it up in the makeup world and I give them an A+ for effort! Keep trying, Almay! I will continue to test out your new products at they hit the shelves! ;)