November 12, 2013

Keep Your Skin Healthy & Glowing This Chilly Season

As the weather changes, don't let your skin fall under its spell! It's so important to keep our skin super smooth and moisturized when the temperatures get colder out. The winter season definitely gives us issues with dry skin, scaly skin, cracked lips... this is not a hot look! Follow these tips to keep your skin glowy all winter long!

1. Gently exfoliate skin. This is not something you want to do every single day as it can dry you out, but you do want to exfoliate your skin a few times a week to give your moisturizer a nice canvas to absorb into. By exfoliating your skin you're knocking off the dead skin and allowing your pores to absorb the moisturizer without any trouble. And do this gently! You don't want to scrub your whole epidermis off - just get the dry and scaly skin off to reveal your smooth skin.

2. Moisturize! This is a quite obvious during this time of year - and all year round at that! Especially after exfoliating you always want to apply a hydrating lotion to your skin. This applies to both your face and body. Though it can be repetitive and sometime we all forget, it's important to use a lotion after contact with water in the winter. So keep a pump next to your sinks to remember to rub some on after you wash your hands. I'm a super crazy hand washer myself so my hands tend to get very dry during the cold months. - On a side note: if you use hand sanitizes a lot too you'll want to find some that are alcohol-free to make sure there's no alcohol sucking up all the moisture. This will KILL your skin, so listen to this if you listen to anything on this list! ;) *Lotions with humectants also add moisture to your skin!*

3. Oil-based products are your friend during these months! Oil-based products during the cold weather is essential to keeping a nice hydrating barrier on your skin to fight the chill. Not only are there many oil-based moisturizers but there are toners, face washes, scrubs, you name it. Another great thing is an oil bath if you're into baths more than showers. All you have to do is add a few drops of an essential oil into your bath and you'll be good to go (try jojoba, olive, coconut, or rose oil).

4. Avoid heat! Speaking of baths, you want to really limit super hot and super long baths or showers. The heat from the steam and water pulls the moisture out of your skin so quickly and will leave you super dry. Can I say super again? ;) You will want to really limit the long soaks and keep to quick showers or baths the majority of the week to make sure you don't dry out this skin we're working on! This rule applies to hot air as well. Yes, blow drying. This is something you totally want to limit during these months because the heat will completely dry out your face and especially your scalp. Try mostly air-drying your hair and just bursting your roots and underneath to dry your hair once it's mostly air-dry that way you expose your skin to just a tin bit of heat. And don't use high heat either if you have the option to on your blow dryer - keep it to warm or a cool burst.

5. Don't forget your feet! Yes our face, elbows, hands, legs all get dry during this time of year but don't forget about your feet! They get exposed just as much as the rest of our body and it's important to keep them healthy as well. Try to pumice them if needed often to keep them extremely soft. Buffing them will allow the lotions or oils to absorb better just like when we exfoliate our skin. Apply a moisturizer overnight and use socks to lock in that moisture.

6. Stop lickin' those lips! Your pout is never cute if it's all red and chapped! I am guilty of licking my lips in the winter months due to the dryness in the air but I have learned it sucks! It's a habit a lot of us have but it's important not to lick our lips to irritate the soft skin around them. Apply a moisturizing lip balm to your lips OFTEN to make sure they stay soft and hydrated. Some of my favorites are EOS, Baby Lips, and Chapstick Moisture (the blue one). These are super hydrating and will keep your lips soft all season long. Don't forget, it's mistletoe season and we need to keep our lips healthy ladies.

7. DRINK WATER! It's simple and it's been engraved in our minds since the beginning of time. Drinking water keeps toxins at bay inside and it shows through on our outside. Water will help keep your skin healthy and glowy all year round of you include it in your diet daily. You can NEVER drink too much!

All the products on my suggestion list are under $20 and all available at Ulta and other retailers near you! I tried to keep the list affordable and ready available in most areas if not already available online. Prices listed are based on average prices I've seen at multiple locations. Enjoy!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub - $3.49
No 7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator - $8.49
AVEENO Creamy Moisturizing Oil - $8.99
AVEENO Skin Brightening Daily Scrub - $7.99
NEUTROGENA Deep Moisture Day Cream - $12.99
OLAY Fresh Effects (Long Live Moisture!) Satin Finish Lotion - $11.99

St. Ives Apricot Scrub - $3.49
CETAPHIL Moisturizing Cream - $9.99
St. Ives 24-Hour Moisture Lotion - $3.99
The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub - $18.99
HEMPZ Original Herbal Sugar Body Scrub - $19.99 (You can find this one cheaper online!)

EOS Lip Balm - $3.49
Maybelline Baby Lips- $3.99
Nivea Kiss of Moisture - $2.99

I hope this helped get you ladies (and gents as well!) ready for this cold weather! I personally am so excited for the chill to come in! Florida isn't fun year round - it really isn't - and I look forward to fall and winter every year. So stay hydrated and you'll be sure to have some glowing healthy skin this season!

xo K