November 15, 2013

Suga' Daddies of the Showa' Caddy

Is your shower overflowing with products you seldom touch but don't want to throw away? So was my linen closet since June but I've finally parted ways with the stuff I haven't touched in months. I've compiled a list of the essential items I think is important to keep in your shower on a regular basis. Everyone is different so if you have any suggestions comment below and add to the list!

EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB - It's so important to exfoliate your skin to get rid of that top layer of dry flakes that like to show up at the worst of times! Personally, I like a gentle exfoliant with a fine ground sugar versus a coarse grind. Check out Kiehl's Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub. Kiehl's is an extremely popular brand for body care and is known for bringing us great products!

MOISTURIZING BODY WASH - No matter what new washes I want to try I always end up coming back to my trusted St. Ives! I use the St. Ives Moisturizing Body Wash in Oatmeal & Shea Butter scent all year round. While I will try other products here and there, this wash is ALWAYS hanging out in my bathroom. It's gentle to your skin, smells so comforting, and locks in moisture all day. You can usually find it for under $3!

BAR SOAP - Or... if you're a bar soap gal like me, you'll want a very hydrating bar as bar soap tends to dry out skin like nothing else! I use Dove's Cream Beauty Bar. This bar is available in numerous scents - my current being the pomegranate and lemon scent.

QUALITY SHARP RAZOR - There is nothing worse than a dull blade on our legs! Let's not even talk about that. I have tried nearly every single razor on the market and from disposables to refills or those cheap little BICs I have determined every girl needs one of these razors: Schick Hydro Silk or Gillette Venus Embrace. Go get one, it will change your life, I swear. If it doesn't, come back and tell me.

MOISTURIZING SHAVE GEL - While we're at it, you're going to want to protect those silky smooth legs with an insanely moisturizing shave gel or cream as well! Otherwise there's no point in even caring about what razor you use! Now I'm a penny pincher and I tend to always buy my Target brand shave gels because they're just as good as the brand name gels at half the price. Also, am I the only one who changes the scent every time I buy a new can? I've always thought I was a weirdo for never sticking to the same formula; one month it's 'with aloe,' the next it's 'strawberry,' then I'll move to a 'coconut' one. Am I alone?!

GENTLE FACIAL CLEANSER - Unless you do this after the shower, washing your face is very important to keep your pores clean and unclogged, and doing this in the shower is great! Your pores are open from the steam and ready to be cleansed! I use the Simple Foaming Cleanser in the shower and it's so gentle on my skin. I tend to break out from too harsh of cleansers so I'm sticking with this one!

CLARIFYING SHAMPOO - Yes... moisture, color-treated, and volume shampoos are great! But we all need that perfect clarifying shampoo to really get down and dirty with our locks... well, down and CLEAN should I say. Nexxus, Paul Mitchell, and Biolage have some clarifying shampoos worth looking into and paying the extra buck for.

CONDITIONING MASQUE OR BALM - Masques can make a dramatic difference in your hair health. If you color your hair, bleach it, highlight it, chemically straighten or perm it - you're going to want to invest in a masque! Masques penetrate the shaft to deeply fix what's wrong with your hair, whether it needs more moisture or needs the damage to be reversed. Using these weekly will protect your hair from further harm caused by the aforementioned issues and future damage from pollution, brushing, and the sun all while patching up the destruction that's been caused. I talk about it like it's a tornado or something. ;)

Check out online retailers, beauty supply shops, and even salons for great deals on some of the products mentioned above! I grabbed Biolage Hydratherapie shampoo and conditioner from a beauty store for $15 total! In your drugstore they're $23 each!!! Don't underestimate those bundles and sales especially now that the holidays are coming! Until next time...

xo K