November 17, 2013

Winter 2013 Color Trends

I took some time to check out the trends this season from Vogue, Allure, Harpers Bazaar, and other fashion blogs so you can be in the know! Some of these are recurring trends every year and some are new and exciting! I for one am so pumped to try out many of these trends this winter, what about you?

I feel like a red lip NEVER goes out of style, and it certainly didn't this year! Classic red lips are in trend and so are red-orange and vampy deep reds! Also on the list are wine shades. Revlon and L'Oreal have some awesome wine shades to check out! Or, ya know, we could always just go natural and drink a few glasses for a true stained look right? ;)

Copper is in full swing! Whether it's the shadow or the liner copper is in all the magazines and runways. It looks especially good on brown and blue eyes and makes them pop! Metallics are also in season along with caramel colors. Just go sultry with your eyes this holiday season, you won't go wrong. Smoke out your look with smudged liners too!

Surprisingly, orange is also a popular color seen in fashion shows lately! All different tones from carrot to burnt orange to rust this is a very popular color to strut around this season. Try it! It's better to try it and not like it than to be too scared to bust out and rock an unusual color.

Bold brows and orange smokey eye for Winter 2013.

Winged liner! I knew I was on to something... Give your eye an extra pop of drama with a wing to your outer corner. My preference is with a cream liner and angled brush but you can certainly use any liquid liner as well to tailor your wing to the height and thickness you want!

Ten points to the first reader who knows that quote without having to search it! Bold brows ladies! Don't be afraid to go a little darker and thicker this time of year. Yeah I said it. Go bold and don't be shy! Strut those caterpillars with confidence. A bold brow is sexy and I personally like my thicker brows than if they were thin; they just fit my face better.

As always, dark colors are a must for the winter months! These include emeralds, navys, dark greys... the list goes on! Don't forget about your perfect matte nude nails though! Nude nails are never a fad as long as they're done right! I'm diggin' the navy tone myself but would LOVE to see your claws rockin' these dark colors!

Plum cheeks (and lips) are on trend! As I stated, go bold this season! Nothing is too dramatic! Below are three fabulous plum colors to check out! If these are too deep for you, try a mauve color as a more subtle toned-down plum. It's gorgeous on everyone!

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush in Plum - $24

Lorac Pro Powder Cheek Stain in Plum Passion - $20

e.l.f. Studio Blush in Berry Merry - $3.

And while we're on cheeks, pearlescent highlighters are making headlines! Pro tip: anything baked is more than likely going to have a pearlescent sheen. MAC has their mineralized skin finishes which add a beautiful glow to your face. A comparable highlight is from Milani or e.l.f. Check out the links for affordable highlights for your makeup bag!

Last but not least, the "no-makeup makeup" face is favored as well this year! Flawless skin and airbrushed complexions are easy to achieve but can take practice. Try switching to cream products to get an extremely blended look. Blog coming soooooon. ;)

What are you excited to try out this season? Tell me, tell me! I'll be posting tutorials and looks very soon with trendsetting styles for you to try out for all those glamorous parties and get-togethers you've got coming up! Until next time...

xo K