November 16, 2013

Tutorial: Shimmering Pink Doll Eyes and Bright Pink Lips

I decided to go pink! This is the first step - it will be brighter in a few days. Yes, you can call me a cotton candy head because that's truly what the color is. Yum! But onto more serious matters... Today's tutorial is pink overload! I was inspired by my hair to go ahead and go pink or go home! Personally, pink is certainly not my first go-to color for my makeup but I was feelin' it today. I hope you enjoy! :* xo


I applied the Essence I Heart Stage eye primer all over my lids and then went very heavy with my Wet n Wild Brulee highlight. I then chose a light brown from my Sedona Lace 28 Warm Palette to apply to my crease to make it easy to blend out the pink later.

Using my e.l.f. blush (yes, blush) in Pink Passion I applied this color to the outer two-thirds of my lid (leaving the inner corner area alone). Since this blush was a little powdery I made sure to PAT the color on and not swipe to avoid fallout. :)

Using e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow in Sweet I also patted this pigment on my lids to avoid unnecessary fallout. (Don't worry about pigment on your pretty little lashes - we'll cover that up with mascara later!)

I went into that naked third of my inner corner with Angelic mineral shadow by e.l.f. It's a PERFECT snowy white/silvery shade! I also put this on my lower lashline on the inner half. I see this being used a LOT for wintery looks in December! I'm so excited!

I put my Sedona Lace 88 Matte palette to use! Fifth row over, second down - I used this deep hot pink to define the crease and to color the outer half of my lower lashes. This color added a deeper pink shadow to my socket.

After working the deep pink into the crease, I used an angled brush to precisely apply a matte black to my outer V. Then using my Estee blending brush I worked that black into a smokey effect until it was completely blended and subtle.

Using my trustie Wet n Wild Coloricon pencil liner in Black Black I rimmed the bottom of my eyes. For this look I did NOT smudge it on the bottom because I wanted my liner to be neat.

e.l.f. cream liner in black for the top of my eye and the wing, per the norm.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara for the top and bottom lashes! This mascara adds a TON of volume at the base and is a bit thick. I usually feather it out with a dry spoolie. I love the formula! If you like a more clumpy look, this is definitely the mascara for you!

I tamed my brows a bit with my Essence clear brow gel, of course! I didn't fill them in today as I wanted them to be natural.

Just a check-in shot! Here's what my eyes look like finished. :)

And now for the fun part! Just kiddin'! I love doing eyes since the possibilities are ENDLESS with color combos. I concealed with my Essence Match 2 Cover concealer duo. I continued the pink with the same blush I used on my eyes and applied it very sparingly to the apples of my cheeks. I applied a tiny bit at a time and really blended it out to look as natural as possible since it's literally a HOT pink tone. Urban Decay Naked Illuminated for the tops of my cheeks and my e.l.f. translucent matifying powder for my face.

I decided to exfoliate my lips since this cold front is drying them out. Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink was my BEST FRIEND today! Such a vibrant, bold pink! I never thought I could pull it into a look and BAM, here it is!

+1 for silly faces!

This gloss is amazing! It's like a galaxy in a tube! Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss in Bubble Babe. It looks amazing over ANY color! Okay, maybe not deep wines and browns. But over any pink or nude this gloss takes the whole lip onto another level of amazing!

3...2...1... The end!

Please, please rock this look and send pictures! I would LOVE to see it on you beauties! Thanks for reading. <3 I love you all.

xo K