November 11, 2013

Keratin: The Yellow Brick Road to Smooth Hair

Keratin is widely known for it's smoothing power on hair strands and is becoming more popular in the beauty world. Just go to your local drugstore and check out just how many products there are in the hair care aisle that advertise keratin! Keratin is a protein naturally found in your hair and is responsible for the health and strength of your hair. What is great about this protein is that it can also help bond cuticles - which is something many people think can only be fixed by chopping off those damaged ends. Personally, when I have split ends I do just get a hair cut and start fresh but you don't necessarily have to.

Keratin is used to not only used to hydrate and nourish the hair, but it is also widely used in straightening treatments. Because keratin helps repair the cuticle of the hair strand, this helps reduce the frizz and makes the hair look more sleek and straight. These treatments are known to restore your hair.

Moisturizing - Nourishing - Hydrating - Strengthening - Smoothing - Healing

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I am by no means a hair care professional. My tips and tricks are simply from research that I do in my spare time for personal issues I usually am experiencing. In this case, I have very light blonde hair that gets bleached and exposed to heat often. Because of this I looked into different hair care products that could help keep my strands strong and healthy during the damaging upkeep of my blonde hair. So after much research, if I continue to find the same information from reputable sources I just like to give you guys a tidbit of info as well if it was something you were interested in. So thanks for reading these entries! :) I have so much fun writing this blog and appreciate any and all readers. Thanks again y'all!

xo K