November 18, 2013

Your Perfect Moisturizer

Give me some skin! I've struggled with dry skin starting in my teens and I'm still searching out that miracle cream! I have dry patches on my face around my chin/jaw, temples, and brow bone. They're seriously the most random spots but they're there and I despise them! Way too many products I've tried first-hand have simple moved around the flaky skin or covered it up for ten minutes. They didn't resolve the issue! If you're having problems with your skin as well and want to find just the moisturizer for you, keep reading!

Why apply?
One key thing to looking young is having healthy skin and moisturizing will help! Finding a good moisturizer for you will help elasticity, aging, complexion - you name it! And one with an SPF is crucial if you're an outdoorsy kind of gal.

What does a moisturizer do exactly?
They do two things: lock in moisture and prevent it from leaving OR draw water from within your body to your skin. It is best to apply when your skin is already damp, such as when you get out of a shower. One thing I like to do is exfoliate in my shower then apply my moisturizer right after. Your pores are open and can take in more product and lock it in longer.

How do I know which one is right for me?
You need to know your skin type. Researching shows there are four types of skin dermatologists look at and analyze: 1. Dry or oily / 2. Sensitive or resistant / 3. Wrinkled or tight / 4. Pigmented or non-pigmented. You can narrow down your skin type from there. I am a dry, sensitive, tight, non-pigmented skin type myself. Below I've listed some tips to look at when finding your perfect moisturizer.

What should I look for in a moisturizer?

  • If you're prone to breakouts with sensitive skin you're going to want to look for moisturizers with "-icone" ingredients. These are water based ingredients which tend to NOT clog pores! A common term used on beauty products is "noncomedogenic" which directly translates to non-clogging and is found in water-based moisturizers.
  • If you have sensitive skin you're also going to want to look for fragrance-free and oil-free products to help from breakouts.
  • If you tend to be oily during the day you will want a noncomedogenic formula. We want to stay away from oil-based products since we want to somewhat dry you out and combat that sheen. And don't be fooled by alcohol. While it dries skin out fast it could actually dry you out in ways we're not looking for.
  • Anyone with dry skin, like myself, will want those oil-based formulas to add that extra moisture and balance the dryness. Look for products with mineral oil or glycerin to help hydrate your skin!
  • If you're that lucky girl with normal or combination skin you basically want a non-greasy, water based moisturizer that has silicone. For the most part, most moisturizers will have good effects on you.

Ingredients that have lasting effects:
Vitamin A shows wrinkle reduction over time.
Vitamin C builds collagen.
Soy compounds even skin tone and build collagen, too.
Synthetic hydroxy acids exfoliate dead skin and trigger new cell growth.

If you want a list of brands I suggest to try let me know! I'd be happy to research customer reviews and dermatologist recommendations for you! I'll be posting more skincare blogs this month and next to help you keep your skin gorgeous while the weather changes. Thank for reading! Until next time...

xo K