November 20, 2013

Naturally Glowing Skin: Rose Water and You

Let's talk skincare for a minute. Most of us have a moisturizer, a cleanser, a toner, an exfoliate, and a mask all for our face in our bathrooms or vanities. YOU DON'T NEED TO! I was watching a video the other day with Chloe Morello about her skincare routine and she mentioned rose water a bunch of times. She showed us various products that do wonders to her skin. Just look at her! She's gorgeous! So my little brain started going and looking into this miracle water! Come to find out, there are so many uses for rose water and your skin! You can buy a multitude of products with rose water in the ingredients or make your own home beauty products using 100% pure rose water!

Listed are some uses for this miracle liquid:
  • Rose water can be used as a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and astringent... meaning you can de-clutter those shelves and storage containers and condense space with less products!
  • Rose water can be used on a cotton pad/cotton ball as a makeup remover. It removes impurities and dirt from your skin and leaves a soft, light scent behind.
  • Pick up some glycerin at your drugstore (CVS sells pure glycerin for under $6) and add some rose water to it in a bottle to use as a homemade moisturizer - I suggest 1 part glycerin, 2 parts rose water for dilution! Glycerin is a skin protectant and super moisturizer by taking that water and penetrating it into your skin! * Do not use by itself, it will have a reverse affect. *
  • You can also mix rose water with olive oil for a moisturizer. This will smooth out your skin and make it feel like a baby's booty! What I found funny is that upon researching its uses, this came up! It's a facial mask you can apply twice a week with the ingredients being these three little things: olive oil, glycerin, and rose water. Whammy!
  • You can even use RW by itself for a dark circle eraser. Now, the results are not INSTANT so don't think rubbing it on your under eyes is going to magically remove those black pits we HATE! RW reduces the shadows of dark circles as well as any puffiness you may have.
  • If you are prone to acne or blemishes, just dabbing pure RW on your blemish will treat and heal it! It will also reduce the look of scars from previous breakouts! Who knew? It stimulates skin cells to regrow which is why this water is great to treat acne and breakouts. This is also a way it is used as a toner to rid your skin of any impurities and imperfections by drying the blemish while leaving your skin hydrated.
  • Rose water also adds a glow to your skin making it look youthful and bright! If you're not into making your own skincare products, add rose water to your favorite face mask and watch your skin get brighter the more you use it! Just adding rose water to your favorite facial products can have an amazing brightening affect to your skin.
  • In many of the articles I found and the reviews of various brands of RW, many readers included that they keep some pure rose water in a spray bottle in their fridge to mist their skin throughout the day to keep it fresh and quenched. I am definitely going to start doing this as I love my dry skin cream but if I applied that more than twice a day I would be one oily uncomfortable mess! This is such a great alternative to lotions and creams because it's a light mist and not a heavy cream.
  • LAST TIP! Add rose water to your shampoo! No, this isn't skin-related but it's an awesome tip I didn't want to leave out! Mixing RW to your shampoo will make your hair softer and stimulate hair growth! It naturally conditions your strands to make your hair visibly and touchably softer. Try it and let me know your results!

Remember, rose water is for dry skin and NOT oily complexions. It's a super hydrating liquid which could end very badly with skin that is naturally oily.

Sometimes buying products off our retailers' shelves is more economical and a lot less time consuming, but knowing that you can in fact buy in bulk and make it yourself is something to think about next time you need to watch your wallet. I've listed some online links where you can purchase pure rose water! Skincare is something I never paid attention to as a teenager but as I get older I am certainly giving it more attention! I'm going to look fresh to death when I'm aging gracefully! Thanks for reading! Until next time, beauties! ;)

One of the best brands I've seen on the market is Jurlique! They offer many products with rose water; check out their website for more!

$10.99 - Elma & Sana Rose Water
$16.00 - Shea Terra Organics Rose Water
$62.00 - Chantecaille Pure Rose Water

xo K