December 10, 2013

10 Under $10: Eyeshadows

I am so excited to start this series on this blog! I am going to be doing a 10 under $10 series for certain looks. This week it's shadows! I've looked far and wide and searched out some amazing products to include in this blog! If it really takes off, I might even get down to the nitty-gritty and find an entire look with only $10 in your pocket! (+1 if you want to see that!)

Products are listed in NO SPECIFIC ORDER! I hope you enjoy!

10. Wet n Wild Coloricon Trios
$2.99 at various drugstores

Wet n Wild is a hidden gem in the drugstore and offers amazing quality products! They're always very affordable no matter what store you find them in. Available in 12 color combos from neutral to smokey to wild, these are perfect trios to pop in your purse and if they ever get lost or broken, you're not out a pretty penny!

$7 Target, Ulta,

NYX has some of the best "drugstore" quality makeup I've tried and these palettes are not only affordable but provide you with every color for the desired look. Let's look at the Smokey palette: You can achieve any smokey eye with the colors they've paired up in here! From navy and grey to plum and silver you can achieve any smoked out look. Now, I own the Natural palette and I'm not going to lie to you guys ever - I personally am a bit disappointed with the color payoff. I bought this palette because because of many a YouTuber's rants and raves and it was 40% off on Ulta's website. So maybe I just got a bad batch... but for this palette it's the only shadow from NYX I've been able to try. Maybe their others are better.

8. e.l.f. Studio Single Eyeshadow
$3 Target, select KMarts, and


Awesome product! e.l.f. shadows are amazing quality for the price! I own a few palettes, some pigments, cream shadows and they have blown me away! Don't get me wrong, some colors don't have as great of a payoff as others but for their price these little devils ROCK!

7. Covergirl Eyeshadow Quads
$5.99 at various drugstores

In the "war" between Maybelline and Covergirl, I 90% of the time choose Maybelline. I've never tried a product I didn't like. And when it comes to these Covergirl quads they are great! The pigmentation is very comparable to the Maybelline equivalent and they're just as affordable! Think about it, you get 4 shadows for around $6... that's pretty good for the quality Covergirl gives us. These come in an assortment of combinations so I suggest checking them out in store to find your fave!

6. Maybelline 24-Hour Color Tattoo Cream Shadow
$6.99 at various drugstores (price varies)

I currently only own one, but it is an amazing product! And 24-hours is right! I didn't leave mine on for that long of course, but for a good 10 hours these things perform! I own Pomegranate Punk - a pearlescent burgundy color - and I use it as a base for shadow instead of on its own. They now make 24-hour color tattoo loose pigments and I'd love to try them! The price on these vary at every store you find them in so watch out because you can find them for around $6 at the lowest, at least in my area.

5. Maybelline ExpertWear Shadow Quads
$6.50 at various drugstores

As I stated above, this is a brand I know I can buy anything from and I'll love it! Whether it is in single form, a duo, trio, quad, palette you name it Maybelline gives us amazing products at amazing prices! I own many of their singles and duos and have thought about depoting them and adding them to a Z-palette myself. These are fabulous drugstore shadows fit for anyone's budget! Thinkin' about buying these? DO IT! Don't think about it - do it.

4. Revlon Color Stay Shadow Quad
$7 at various drugstores

I may love my Maybelline, but for the extra buck Revlon I feel steals the show for drugstore products! It ranges from low cost to a little bit pricier than the "main" brands but it is worth every dollar! I own a few of these Revlon quads and plan on buying more! On average they're around the $6-$7 range but you can find them cheaper at Walmart, I think. Don't quote me here. ;)

3. ALMAY Intense I-Color Shimmer Kit
$7.50 various retailers

Almay, in my opinion, gets swept under the rug with its competition in the beauty industry. They have some great merchandise! These eyeshadow palettes are one of their many great products! They come in an array of colors for all eye shades! And don't because you have blue eyes you have to stick with their suggestions - branch out and go bold! Try out all the color combos you love! Check them out - you won't be disappointed.

2. Maybelline Eyestudio Color Plush Quad
$9.99 various retailers
This, this right here is my NUMBER 1 product if I were going in order. As I said before, Maybelline is my favorite brand of "drugstore" makeup and these quads are the best shadows I've seen on shelves! They offer amazing color combos perfect for ANY look you're aiming to achieve. And the shimmer - ohhh the shimmer! I digress. Go get you some TODAY. I'm serious. Then tag me when you experience how awesome they are (Instagram #cupcakeblondie).

1. L'Oreal Colour Riche Shadow Quads
$7.99 various retailers

L'Oreal is another brand that I feel gets overlooked. L'Oreal, Almay, Rimmel... they're all underdogs! They have awesome products that many people overlook because they're too busy with Maybelline and Covergirl. Well c'mon ladies and venture to a different section of the makeup aisle than normal! :) These quads from L'Oreal have such vibrant payoff! They are immaculately true to color and deliver some of the best pigmentation out of any shadow I've ever tried. They can get up there in price but you should be able to scout them out for a more reasonable amount than the higher priced retailers.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! I'll be continuing this series through the month and into the new year so keep an eye out! I love you all!

xo K