December 9, 2013

the Cupcake Blondie Makeup Tour!

Guess what day it is! MAKEUP TOUR! I've had some friends ask and on my Facebook I posted this photo and decided to go ahead and share my vanity with you! I share my vanity with my work station on an L-shaped corner desk from Staples currently. I am on the hunt for an adorable vintage vanity or dresser that I can jazz up to hold all of my beauty products!

My power is out and this is all being uploaded from mobile. I got bored, what do you do really when you have no power but live your life online? ;) I truly hope you enjoy! Leave comments and questions in the comment section or on my Facebook even! I love you all and thank you for stopping by!

You can tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #cupcakeblondie so I can see your makeup tours! I would love to see them! Until next time...

xo K