December 21, 2013

10 Under $10: Lipstick

And we're here for another list of 10 Under $10! Today's topic: lipsticks! I find that I buy more lip products than I'll ever be able to use up in my lifetime! But you know what, I'm okay with that! Because it also helps me write these blogs for you!

Products are listed in NO SPECIFIC ORDER! I hope you enjoy!
* All photos gathered from their respective websites, credit to the companies. *

10. Covergirl Continuous Color Lipstick
$4.99 most drugstores

Covergirl has brought us many a product that are best sellers on the shelves. Here's another! The Covergirl Continuous Lip Color is a favorite among so many long-time users, just check out the reviews on their website! So many women turn to Covergirl for their go-to color and it never goes out of style! These are moisture rich and will leave your lips hydrated all day with a gorgeous pop of color! They're constantly coming out with new colors so keep an eye out for your favorite!

9. NYX Black Label Lipstick
$7.50 online and at select Targets

Oh NYX, you do it again! Not only are the NYX Matte lipsticks a huge hit, but their pricier Black Label line is to die for! Super rich pigments and long lasting wear, these NYX lipsticks are affordable AND gorgeous! You have just about 40 shades to choose from, too, ranging from nudes to bright baby pinks and even orange! These are absolutely a hidden gem in any cosmetics department.

8. Milani Color Statement Lipstick
$5.50 select retailers

These lip colors give us a hyper-glossy pigment with the bonus of Vitamins A, C, & E to keep our lips smooth and healthy! Advertised to be available in different textures as well: vinyl, cream, metallic, matter, shimmer, and pearl! What a fantastic selection to choose from! Milani has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. Most of their products are a bit pricier at my KMart so I tend to skip out, but if there's something I want and think I'll like I will get it and 99.99% I am never let down! I have their Luminoso blush and can't stop raving about it! These lipstick DELIVER!

7. Maybelline Color Sensational: the Vivids
$7.50 most retailers

You may only have 10 colors to choose from with the Maybelline Vivids collection, but all ten are eye-poppin' shades made for any glam girl! There's Electric Orange, Brazen Berry (an orchid color), and Vivid Rose for those of us who (wo)man up and go bold or some lighter colors for those less daring! Maybelline advertises the use of honey nectar in the formula to keep our pouts perfect and soft!

6. Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Color
$2.99 select retailers
As some of you know, these are my go-to lipsticks when I want some color! They're a great matifying formula that doesn't "dry out" like most matte lipsticks but isn't glossy! They're a steal at under $3 at most drugstores and come in such an array of shades! Fergie ALSO contributed a few shades to these Wet n Wild lipsticks and they're worth the extra change. On the website, you have 26 colors to choose from but it varies in store. I absolutely LOVE these lipsticks!

5. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate
$6.50 select drugstores

With a velvety texture, these Rimmel lipsticks are fabulous at achieving a matte look without it drying us out! Mattes seem to be the thing this year (check out Revlon's matte balm crayons) and Rimmel certainly doesn't disappoint! Kate offers us her matte lipstick in classic shades - berries, reds, and pinks - good enough for any makeup maven!

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
$6 online and select Targets

Okay, maybe I'm obsessed with every lipstick on this list, but they're amazing! These NYX soft matte lip creams are so bright, so matte, and I'll forever buy them! There are some shades I wouldn't ever wear being that I'm not THAT bold when it comes to color, but they are stunning even if I don't personally wear them. You have about 13 shades to choose from and they're all named after famous cities. I own Tokyo, Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Milan and I would say Tokyo is my go-to from this line. It's a pale baby pink but it's got some brightness at the same time. They are in a lip gloss package and extremely easy to apply.

3. Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain
$3.29 Walgreens

+eleventh gorgeous... I should scold you two for getting me hooked on these! I only own three shades but I WANT THEM ALL! Stop recommending such awesome products, ladies. ;) No joke, these are amazing! First of all, I'm OBSESSED with the light raspberry scent they give off - I could smell it all day! The pigmentation is impeccable and offers such a glossy feel as it hydrates! They're so affordable, too! In the words of these classy ladies, GO GET YOU SOME!

2.L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Color
$8.99 most drugstores

46 colors! You can pick brown, pink, red, berry, wine, coral! It's amazing! I'm not sure I've seen a lipstick with close to as many shades as these Colour Riche lipsticks! L'Oreal is known for putting out amazing products and they don't stop here! These are so hydrating, extremely pigmented, and super creamy - let's just say they're kind of a big deal. ;) Great thing is, none of the colors are really too "out there" and unwearable so you've got an amazing selection to choose your favorite from.

1. Revlon Matte Lipstick
$5.00 (price varies) various drugstores

And this is where I stand corrected. Revlon, you have been my favorite for a very long time. I am in a long term relationship with your matte lipstick Pink Pout and we're never breaking up. 82 shades? 82 shades?! 82 magnificent shades in matte, pearl, creme, or shine gloss fit for anyone! I'm done. There's nothing more to be said. ;) These lipsticks rule them all!

Keep an eye out for more 10 Under $10 blogs! If you have any suggestions, send them my way! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! And good luck finishing your Christmas shopping if you're like me and still need those last-minute gifts!

xo K