December 9, 2013

Get Down and Dirty for a Clean Face

I don't wash my face every day, but sometimes I just feel it, ya know? Some people out there will exfoliate, wash, moisturize, Clarisonic their skin daily - sometimes twice - and for my personal skin this isn't healthy for me. But here's a nice walkthru to a normal cleansing I do for my face! Some days I use different masks, some days I use a scrub, but this is a basic routine for me. I would recommend any of the products in this EXCEPT maybe the toner.

Out of the shower and ready to pamper my face!

I use a makeup wipe to make sure I get most of the heavy duty product off my face.

With warm water, I get my face wet and then pump some cleanser in my hands. I love this face wash! I tend to actually really like all of their products from Simple. This foaming cleanser is extremely gentle on my skin and gets all of pores super clean!

Suds up and rinse! Pat your face dry with a clean washcloth!

This is one of my favorite masks! The Freeman brand masks are popular ,affordable, and do the trick! This is their chocolate strawberry mask I found on Ulta for deep pore cleansing! It smells yummy, but looks......... not so awesome out of the tube. Yeah. But hey it's awesome! I will try any of their mud masks and you can buy them in single packets or bottles. (I like the bottles more since they're more cost effective.)

It gets dry and tight on your face once it is ready to come off!

I use a warm wet washcloth to wipe the mask off making sure I get out any mud from my baby hairs around my face.

Toner is OPTIONAL! I will be doing a blog on whether or not a toner is right for you. This one is form Target and when I use it I tend to get tin red bumps randomly on my face. I'm talking like 4 here and there, not a full-blown break out. But it still is annoying because I have to cover them up. So I've skipped the toner lately unless I use it on a cotton pad around my eyes and not my whole face.

Use your favorite moisturizer while your face is damp (not wet, damp) - mine happens to be the Dollar General comparison to Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Same ingredients, half the price! This is awesome for my super dry skin!

Remember these tips:

  • Exfoliating is great for your skin, but too much can damage it! Make sure to only exfoliate a few times a week. Two is enough but you can certainly try it once a week if you have delicate skin.
  • Use a moisturizer according to your skin type. You wouldn't want an oil-based moisturizer for oily skin! Check your labels!
  • Try to pat your face with cloths and not wipe. Wiping can irritate your skin and you want to keep the water INSIDE so patting dry is the best practice!
  • Toners are NOT for everyone and not a necessity. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about whether or not you should incorporate one into your face cleansing routine.

xo K