December 30, 2013

What I'm Looking Forward To in 2014

2014 is literally right around the corner (it's 2 days away!) and I couldn't be more excited to try out new products coming to the beauty world this year! Here's a quick list of some products I have on my wishlist! (Products in no specific order.)

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

I have never had the pleasure of testing out Benefit's Porefessional and supposedly this is going to be just like it at the bargain of a drugstore price (under $10 to be exact)! Rumored to refine pores, smooth fine lines, AND mattify, Maybelline's Pore Eraser is guaranteed to disappear from shelves FAST!

Flower by Drew Lip Suede Crayons

A big shout out to Buzz Feed writer Chanel Parks for tipping me off about this! I just stumbled upon the Flower cosmetics line in my Walmart last week and had no clue it even existed! I am so excited to finally get my hands on Ms. Barrymore's products and especially this lip crayon in January! Retractable balms are headlining the lip trends in beauty this season and leave it to this talented actress to pull out a show stopping product! This will definitely be in my cart when it hits Walmart.

Bumble and bumble. Surf Shampoo

It might already be available on shelves, but I am stoked to test out this new shampoo by B&B! I have heard nothing but FANTASTIC reviews of their Surf line and hope this becomes my guilty [shower] pleasure! ;) Hey, it won Elle's beauty awards for the year so it's gotta be a winner, right?

xoBeauty Lashes by +Shaaanxo

At a steal of only $6.99 who the heck wouldn't want to try some of YouTuber Shannon Harris' new lash line?! I know I am super excited for these to drop January 6! I'm especially looking forward to the Flirt (which is only $5.50) and the Innocent lashes!

Glamglow Mud Masks

And last but certainly not least, another Elle beauty award winner for 2014: Hollywood California Glamglow Mud masks! Jam packed with vitamins and minerals, these masks are infamous for working wonders on skin! I will get my hands on the Supermud Clearing Treatment if it's the last thing I do! My birthday is April 1st friends and family... whataya say? ;)

There you have it! What are you looking forward to this coming year? 
Have a safe and Happy New Years!